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Dr. Noah Riegel of Boca Chiropractic in Boca Raton

Meet Dr. Noah Riegel

A Passion for Healthcare

Before embarking on the path toward a career in chiropractic care, Dr. Noah Riegel originally planned to attend medical school. “After shadowing numerous doctors, however, I found that I loved the doctor-patient relationship but not the ‘everything needs drugs and surgery philosophy.”

Chiropractic care, regular exercise, and optimal nutrition are all essential when it comes to achieving peak health and wellness. Dr. Noah Riegel

Using Hands to Help

“I had gone to a chiropractor all my life and began to do my homework on the philosophy. The profession has everything I love. It’s an all-natural total body healing art that lets me work with my hands and allows the body to heal itself. Also, it has a nutritional component to it that is essential to total body health.” Dr. Noah finds it gratifying to change someone’s life with nothing more than his two hands.

Getting Others on the Road to Health

A graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Noah found it fascinating to hear the countless stories about chiropractic miracles while obtaining his chiropractic education. “Patients would come to a chiropractor as a last resort and end up getting the care they needed.” It’s his desire to have patients consider chiropractic their first choice when it comes to getting out of pain and on the path to improved health. He aims to help his patients realize they need to change their bad habits to experience a better quality of life.

Enjoying Family Life

When he’s not at the practice, single dad Dr. Noah loves spending time with his young son. They enjoy going to sporting and community events. “We love to be outdoors, staying active.” If you’d like to get out of pain and on the road to exceptional health, contact us to book an appointment! CONTACT US TODAY »